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LamboScooter - Lamborghini Hoverboard

Lamboscooter (Lambo Hoverboard) is specialized in manufacturing and selling Lamborghini hoverboards. All Lamborghini hoverboards sold by Lamboscooter (Lambo scooter - Hoverboard) are UL2272 Certified Safe and contain only the highest quality internal parts. We are committed to providing a top quality product with outstanding customer support.

We have a fully stocked inventory and can ship within 2 business days. We are committed to providing our customer with a high-quality product and exceptional customer service. We want to tell our customers, that we are excited about the opportunity to provide you with your exciting new innovations.

We stand behind our commitment to providing you with an exceptional shopping experience, quality product and customer service you can count on. Shop with a safe and reliable company!

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The design inspiration of Lamborghini Hoverboard comes from the Original Lamborghini Car. The aluminum rims are inspired by the line of the original cars, the pattern on the footrests recalls the hexagonal cell structure characteristic of the brand and the front and rear lights refer to the iconic design of the optical group of the cars.
Lamborghini hoverboard products are made with the highest quality materials.Our products are UL certified, hundreds and thousands tested by manufacturer.
Lamboscooter (Lambo scooter - Hoverboard) get authorization letters from Automobili Lamborghini S.P.A and X-JOY S.r.l..

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